Archer Realty Investment

About Us

Our Story

Going back down the memory lane, we are a regular 9-5 corporate job holders that always was curious about what to invest and where to invest our money and the first thing that we landed upon is to invest in real estate as we know a little bit about it from our parents back home in India who instilled the values of hard work right from our childhood days. We started our journey of real estate investing buying residential properties in and around the neighborhood in Edison, New Jersey, USA and worked hard daily after work attending numerous phone calls, taking care of repairs etc. Little did we know back then, that even though we complained we loved the economics part of it and slowly but steadily we built our real estate portfolio in residential and commercial real estate across the US to what has grown today to be a successful company. There is no looking back after the establishment of that real estate company to learn more about other lines of business following the famous adage “Don’t put all the eggs in one basket” which today now grew into a massive successful enterprise. Archer International Investments is our company that has varied interests in real estate ranging from residential to commercial across North America.

Business Overview

Founded by Sunil Archer “family-owned” in 2008, the Archer Conglomerate group is a global Enterprise, headquartered in Texas, USA that comprises 8+ companies across 7 business verticals thus far. The firm’s strategy is not limited to any specific sector and to remain as diversified as possible in future opportunities. Our investment philosophy is to achieve a higher rate of returns with as little risk as possible and we strive day in and day out to conduct our own market research and stay ahead of the trends. At times, we also seek help from qualified investors who are interested in partnering with us to achieve higher returns and most importantly in those instances, we select people or institutions who are aligned to our philosophy of thinking more than anything else.

We operate ethically and truthfully to our code of conduct always and we expect the same from our partners as well. For us, it is the core values of honesty, integrity, and professionalism that we instill daily in our operations which is the foundation upon which our company is built and as it continues to grow. Archer Realty Investments is a company that focuses solely on real estate both residential and commercial within North America

About Sunil

Dynamic, goal-driven, and result-oriented individual, yes, this is the incredible success story of a seasoned real-estate professional-Sunil Tanuku who founded Archer Realty and is considered a transitional leader. Driven by his 15+ years of industry experience, he is spearheading his venture as the C E O while dealing with various asset classes. Throughout his career succession, a keen market study and curating the right investment strategy have helped him scale the growth in no time. And today, his business is well-recognized across its targeted market. He cracked open the conversation with the remark, “We endeavor daily to perform our market research and stay abreast of trends since our investment philosophy is based on the idea that we must generate higher rates of returns with the least amount of risk.”